Ideas to eat more fruit & vegetable

Increasing our consumption of fruit and vegatables is a very important step towards healthier eating. Here we list ten tips to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables:

1. Keep your refrigerator and cupboards stocked with Mediterranean basics including fruits and vegetables.

  • Plan your meals beforehand            
  • Avoid last minute trips for groceries or fast food
  • Frozen, canned and root vegetables such as carrots last longer and can be bought in advance

2.  Be creative for your breakfast!

  • Sprinkle your oatmeal with raisins, currants or berries
  • Add banana to your cereal or natural yoghurt bowl
  • Ripe fruits can be excellent to make a real tasty smoothie - valuable energy to start your day

3. Use your lunchtime and snack time wisely!

  • Swap breadsticks to carrots and use humus as a dip
  • Dried fruit are always a healthy, tasty and filling snack
  • Add olives to your tuna sandwich
  • Whether it is sandwich or wrap, vegetables make a great addition to both

4. A minute good soup guide.

  • Use peppers, tomatoes, carrots, onions and beans for your minestrone soup
  • Blended pumpkin soup is a great source of Vitamin A! (helps to see in the dark )
  • Blend cooked spinach and broccoli to make an antioxidant rich veggie soup

5. Planning an Italian dinner?

  • Garnish your thin crust pizza with extra tomato, spinach or even avocado
  • Have fun with your pasta! Stir in lightly fried courgette, vine tomatoes, broccoli, peppers or just use any vegetables you like!
  • Guacamole would make a creamy healthy pasta sauce

6. ‎Useful tips for egg lovers!

  • Ever thought about having an egg salad?
  • Lay salad leaves on the plate, add tomatoes, onion, cut in half hard boiled eggs and sprinkle with croutons on top
  • Vegetable omelette? It is simple and tasty! Just add spinach, tomatoes, onions to your egg mixture

7. Family grills and BBQ.

  • Skewers are always fun and enjoyable. Make them more veggie! Use peppers, courgette, tomatoes, onions.
  • Grilling is also a healthy way to prepare meat as no extra fat is used

8. Chose veggie sides to complement your main course.

  • A bowl of salad with olive oil and lemon juice vinaigrette would make a great side dish to your chicken or grilled salmon
  • Don’t panic! No food cut down! Use a suggestion to combine with your boiled rice or potatoes
  • Incorporate oranges, olives, peppers and tangerines for a variety
  • Stir fried vegetables such as onion, peppers, courgette , green beans and asparagus can also make a great side dish

9. Fancy a desert?

  • Go for a real fruit sorbet
  • Bake using plenty of fruits
  • Love chocolate? Dip your fruits into the chocolate fondue!
  • Incorporate fruits to your jelly desert
  • What about fruit salad?

10. Fruit-up your drinks!

  • Chill Ice-Tea with frozen fruit
  • Make your own lemonade using lemons, grapefruits or oranges, brown sugar and water
  • Up for cocktails? There is a variety of ways to make a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail. For a fruit punch choose your favourite fruits and add soda water, let fruits flavour soda and enjoy!