Ideas to eat more fish

Fish is better for you than other animail sources of protein. Fish is lower in fat, and more importantly the type of fats in some oily fish (eg sardines, mackerel or salmon), are good for your heart. 

  1. Soup. Seafood soup (Sopa de Marisco) is a popular Spanish soup
  2. Fish as sandwich filling. Tuna is perhaps the most commonly used, however other types such as salmon or prawns are common alternatives.
  3. Fish as part of a salad
  4. Seafood paella. Fish and sea food can be used exclusively, or in combination with other meats, in a number of Paellas.
  5. Pizza. A seafood pizza can include tuna or anchovies.
  6. Fish lovers can enjoy a fish breakfast such as kippers or mackerel, salmon and eggs, or anchovies on scrambled eggs (Scotch Woodscock)
  7. The traditional British ‘fish and chips’ can be a healthy and acceptable meal. Replace the deep-frying cooking method by baking or grilling, and add a Mediterranean touch by adding a few vegetables.
  8. Add fish and/or seafood to pasta. Pasta is one of the more versatile dishes and fish and/or seafood is a perfect complement to make pasta a main course. Tuna-Pasta is a common inexpensive and well known example (seafood/salmon linguini/tagliatelle).
  9. Tinned fish could offer a quick option. Tinned sardines/pilchards, mackerel and anchovies are great store cupboard food. Add them to a Greek salad, or pasta, or simply eat them on toast or crackers.
  10. Use fish such as mackerel to make a pate and spread onto toast or crackers for filling snack.