The Robots

One of the things that makes the RATULS trial special is the use of our InMotion robots built by Bionik Laboratories in the USA (supplied to the study by Biosense Medical).

If randomised to the robot assisted training group patients will use the following interactive rehabilitation robots, designed to assist them with movements as required:

InMotion ARMTM

The InMotion ARMTM assists with movements of the shoulder and elbow including flexion/ extension of the elbow and abduction/adduction of the shoulder. 


The InMotion WRISTTM assists with flexion/extension and radial and ulnar deviation of the wrist as well as pronation/supination of the forearm.


The InMotion HANDTM is an add-on device used with the InMotion ARM which assists with grasp and release movements.

For further information about the robot assisted training programme used in RATULS please click here. For a more detailed oversight of the devices being used please see the manufacturers website.



‌Bionik Laboratories is a global, pioneering robotics company focused on providing rehabilitation solutions to individuals with neurological disorders. The company have built the InMotion ARMTM, InMotion WRISTTM and InMotion HANDTM robots which are used by the robot-assisted therapy group in the trial.

For more information please visit their website, 


Biosense Medical is a private company based in the UK who are acting as the supplier of the robots being used in the RATULS study, as well as technical support. Since 2006 they have been providing specialist equipment, consumables and services to the National Health Service (NHS), private healthcare and academia within the UK.

For more information, please visit their website,‌‌