The PRO-TEM Network was established in 2009 in alignment with the need of thermal energy management in the process industries. The main concern is how to improve and optimise the thermal energy efficiency in existing plants as well as the design of the future plants.  The PRO-TEM Network has been trying to create opportunities to enable a close collaboration among members who work at academics, industry organisations, NGOs and the government bodies in the UK and beyond. It is hoped that the Network can contribute to create a low carbon future and a highly efficient use of energy in the process industries.


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The Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network

Building upon the success of the PRO-TEM network, the Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to continue the endeavor and widen the scope of the PRO-TEM Network which will include a broader range of industries and research areas. 'Click for details' below will direct you to the website of SusTEM Network.

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US wants 'strong UK in strong EU'

The US has a "profound interest" in a strong UK staying in a strong European Union, says US Secretary of State John Kerry

Gas fields 'could supply whole country'

Newly opened gas fields off Shetland could supply the whole of Scotland at peak production, analysts say

British stars hope to shine at Baftas

Idris Elba, Eddie Redmayne, Dame Maggie Smith and Kate Winslet are among the British stars hoping to win a Bafta on Sunday

Church defends Dawkins prayer tweet

The Church of England defends a tweet it sent, praying for secularist Richard Dawkins after he suffered a stroke

Missing sex offender hands himself in

A convicted child sex offender who has been the subject of a manhunt since going missing on Wednesday hands himself in to police

Wales 27-23 Scotland

Wales produce a late surge to earn their first win of the 2016 Six Nations against battling Scotland in Cardiff

UK player claims EuroMillions jackpot

A UK ticket holder claims Friday's £24m EuroMillions jackpot, National Lottery operator Camelot said

Surgery to end Smith's Paralympic dream

Paralympic cycling hopeful David Smith needs more surgery on a spinal tumour, ending his chances of competing in Rio

Cyber attackers in ransom demand

Businesses in Guernsey are being targeted by cyber attackers who demand a ransom to recover lost files, police say

Cement study seeks nuclear waste solution

UK scientists say they have produced a new mix of cement that should be much more effective at containing nuclear waste in a deep repository

Isles of Scilly declared 'rat free'

Two of the Isles of Scilly are declared "rat free" after a scheme to protect sea birds by killing more than 3,000 rodents was successful

'Glamorous' service station turns 50

A "once glamorous" motorway service station on the M1 is celebrating its 50th birthday

England forward options please Hodgson

Roy Hodgson tells the BBC his attacking options are "as strong as they have been" since he became England boss in 2012

England still improving - Bayliss

England coach Trevor Bayliss says England are playing exciting cricket, but still have plenty to learn

Valencia 2-1 Espanyol

Gary Neville says it is a relief to earn his first league win as Valencia manager but admits he still has a big job to do

Trident 'lets UK punch above weight'

Britain must keep its Trident nuclear weapons system if it wants to play a significant role in the world, the US defence secretary tells the BBC

Police examine Tory by-election claims

Nottinghamshire Police is looking at evidence relating to accusations of overspending by the Conservative Party during the 2014 Newark by-election

GCHQ computer hacking ruled lawful

Britain's spies are not breaking the law when they secretly hack into computers and smart phones, a tribunal rules

Focus on EU rules and rows

As the summit on the UK's EU reform plans approaches, Sunday's press highlight the concerns of both the "In" and "Out" camps

VIDEO: Families 'priced out of housing market'

Many younger families in the UK are being priced out of the property market

VIDEO: Ancient recipe could be modern cure

A 1000 year old Anglo Saxon medical book has been found to contain a recipe which could help fight against MRSA

VIDEO: Life on board a nuclear submarine

The BBC's Scotland editor Sarah Smith is granted rare access onboard one of Britain's Trident nuclear submarines

VIDEO: Helpline launched for abuse whistle-blowers

A new whistleblowers' helpline is being launched, aimed at employees unhappy about the way their organisation has responded to child protection concerns

VIDEO: School support staff 'taken for granted'

The majority of classroom support staff claim they have done the work of a fully-qualified teacher, according to a survey

VIDEO: 'Disgrace to humanity' game still going strong

It was described as a "disgrace to humanity", but the Shrovetide football match in Ashbourne in Derbyshire is still going strong

VIDEO: Blind pianist takes centre stage

Despite being blind from birth, Rachel Starritt recently took centre stage in a festival on Beethoven's music

The rise of the romantic robot

The rise of the romantic robot

Manifesto tracker: Economy

How is the government doing on its manifesto commitments?

Why are some Sikh women now wearing the turban?

Why are some Sikh women now wearing the turban?

Cycling doctor declares world better than expected

Doctor cycles round the world and gives it a clean bill of health

The blind boy who learned to see with sound

The blind boy who learned to find his way around using echoes

'Sea monster' taking shape at museum

Plesiosaur 'sea monster' bones put back together

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