The PRO-TEM Network was established in 2009 in alignment with the need of thermal energy management in the process industries. The main concern is how to improve and optimise the thermal energy efficiency in existing plants as well as the design of the future plants.  The PRO-TEM Network has been trying to create opportunities to enable a close collaboration among members who work at academics, industry organisations, NGOs and the government bodies in the UK and beyond. It is hoped that the Network can contribute to create a low carbon future and a highly efficient use of energy in the process industries.


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The Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network

Building upon the success of the PRO-TEM network, the Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to continue the endeavor and widen the scope of the PRO-TEM Network which will include a broader range of industries and research areas. 'Click for details' below will direct you to the website of SusTEM Network.

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Salford house fire 'targeted attack'

A house fire in Salford which killed three children was a "targeted attack", police have said

Donald Tusk calls Brexit talks a furious race against time

The European Council's president urges EU countries to show "unity" in the next phase of talks

London Euston to become Christmas Day homeless shelter

About 30 volunteers from Network Rail will work alongside the charity St Mungo's and Streets Kitchen

Row over 'smell of cannabis' police stops

Some officers disagree with guidance not to search people purely because they smell of cannabis

York Council refuses Uber licence renewal

The ride-hailing app has been banned in three UK cities amid safety fears and complaints from cabbies

"More sex-abusers" linked to Welsh island

Two more sex offenders are claimed to be linked to Caldey, now the centre of calls for an abuse inquiry

Toni Mascolo, co-founder of salon chain Toni & Guy, dies

Italian-born hairdresser who built his south London salon into a global chain dies

Investigation ordered into 'misleading' festive tickets

Customers have been sold tickets for trains that will not run or will be disrupted, a watchdog says

JK Rowling made Companion of Honour

The Harry Potter creator is given a special award that can only be held by 65 people at any one time

HIV positive man unable to become a commercial pilot

He said it was "utterly devastating" to discover that he could not join an airline's training scheme

Grenfell fire: Survivors still living in hotels

Tiago Alves says he feels he is living in limbo, six months after the tragedy

'It's another Grenfell waiting to happen'

Six months on from the fire that claimed 71 lives, we look at safety in similar buildings

Baby Max spends first year in Southampton hospital

Max Olivares has a rare heart and lung condition, which requires a complex transplant operation

'Levi Bellfield raped me hundreds of times,' says ex-partner

Jo Collings, Bellfield's former partner, says "whatever he wanted to do, he did"

Postage stamp to mark UK leaving EU: Whittle and Todd

The Royal Mail is not producing a stamp to mark Brexit, despite issuing one for the UK joining the EEC in 1973

The children whose gaming turns to gambling

Skin betting websites let players gamble with virtual items from online games as currency

The dress for dogs designed in Hove and selling for £40,000

The dress, which is encrusted with diamante jewels, is expected to be sold overseas

BBC News Channel

BBC coverage of latest developments

Pigeon's WW2 medal sells for £7,200 in Banbury auction

The Dickin Medal was awarded to a pigeon that flew from the Greek island Crete to Alexandria, Egypt

Blue Peter badges for royal couple

The royal couple receive the accolade for their campaign work on mental health issues affecting children

Monster 'fatberg' on display

A slice of a monster fatberg, clogging up London's sewers, is going on display in a museum

My on-air nightmare

When Alex Ritson's blood sugar dropped, he was glad his team at the BBC World Service knew what to do

Keith Chegwin: From Swap Shop to Big Brother

Veteran TV presenter Keith Chegwin's career stretched from 1970s children's programmes to reality TV

On the hoof

Birmingham's financial credentials make it an unsurprising choice for a new home for the Bank of England

Pricey season

From smoked salmon to smartphones, 2017 is shaping up to be an expensive Christmas for consumers

Britain on the verge: Life along the A1

Photographer Peter Dench takes a trip along Britain's longest road recording the places and faces encountered on the way

Guns, drugs, torture

Court hears of techniques used by the serious organised criminal gang and the weapons and devices it acquired

Mysterious custom

Why did people hide old shoes in their homes?

Borehamwood blockbuster

The British film artists and technicians who brought a galaxy far, far away to life

Collecting in the clouds

Collecting in the clouds: Remembering the British plant-hunters who diced with death to discover plants

Paint and sip

Learning to paint while enjoying a drink has become a popular pastime - but can you improve under the influence?

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