The PRO-TEM Network was established in 2009 in alignment with the need of thermal energy management in the process industries. The main concern is how to improve and optimise the thermal energy efficiency in existing plants as well as the design of the future plants.  The PRO-TEM Network has been trying to create opportunities to enable a close collaboration among members who work at academics, industry organisations, NGOs and the government bodies in the UK and beyond. It is hoped that the Network can contribute to create a low carbon future and a highly efficient use of energy in the process industries.


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The Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network

Building upon the success of the PRO-TEM network, the Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to continue the endeavor and widen the scope of the PRO-TEM Network which will include a broader range of industries and research areas. 'Click for details' below will direct you to the website of SusTEM Network.

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UK net migration hits record high

Net migration to the UK is at an all-time high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March, as the government calls the figures "deeply disappointing"

UK jihadist 'killed in drone strike'

A British man described as a "top cyber jihadist" has been killed in a military drone strike in Syria, US officials say

Tap water safe for 80,000 homes

Tap water in 80,000 homes in Lancashire is declared safe to drink, after a bug left residents boiling water for three weeks

Cameron announces 26 new Tory peers

David Cameron faces accusations of 'cronyism' after awarding peerages and honours to former aides, as the number of Lords passes 800

'No NI business as usual' in IRA row

Normal business cannot continue at Stormont until an ongoing political row over the existence of the Provisional IRA is resolved, Northern Ireland's largest party says

Post Office expands Sunday openings

The number of Post Offices opening on a Sunday will hit 3,000 this week-end, thanks to new facilities at a garden centre in Norfolk

Air shows go on after Shoreham crash

Various shows are due to take place over the bank holiday weekend with alterations after the Shoreham air crash, but an event in County Durham is postponed

Footballers unite for Neville funeral

Footballing greats including David Beckham and Ryan Giggs reunite for the funeral of Neville Neville, the father of ex-England and Manchester United footballers Gary and Phil

Ambulance staff at 'point of fatigue'

Staff at an ambulance service have been "pushed because of targets to the point of fatigue", says their new chief executive

Benefit claimant death data released

Some 2,380 people have died after being found fit for work and losing benefits, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Blanchett to receive BFI Fellowship

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blachett is to receive the BFI Fellowship for her contribution to film

Young goths 'at risk of depression'

Young people who identify as goths may be at increased risk of depression and self-harm, a study suggests

Dad's head tattoo to support daughter

A father has a tattoo of a cochlear implant on his head to support his daughter, who was fitted with one when she was nearly three-years-old

Final Terry Pratchett book on sale

Fans queue to buy The Shepherd's Crown, the final novel by author Sir Terry Pratchett, which has hit book shops almost six months after his death

Health department misses wait time aims

New figures show that the Department of Health has missed its own waiting-list targets

Man charged with baby daughter's murder

A Belfast man is charged with murdering his three-month-old daughter in 2014

Four in hospital after house fire

Four people are taken to hospital after a house fire in Cardiff

Rugby World Cup hotel price hike

Hotels increasing their prices six-fold during the Rugby World Cup could "seriously damage the image of Cardiff", a former tourism chief warns

Scotland's top police officer to quit

The under-fire chief constable of Police Scotland, Sir Stephen House, confirms he is to stand down from his post at the start of December

Possible link between sex attacks

Police investigating a serious sexual assault in Edinburgh say there are similarities with a previous sex attack in the city earlier this month

Sick dog dumped over garden wall

A sick dog was dumped over a garden wall by a woman who disguised her face with a scarf, the RSPCA says

Police force faces more race claims

Three officers claim they were racially discriminated against while working for Cleveland Police

Arsenal face Bayern in group stage

Arsenal are drawn against Bayern Munich as English clubs find out who they will face in the Champions League group stage

De Bruyne offered 'astonishing' wage

Manchester City make an "astonishing" wage offer to winger Kevin de Bruyne, Wolfsburg's director of sport says

'Knock could end North's career'

Coach Warren Gatland says safety is paramount as George North returns to win his 50th Wales cap after five months out

Chilcot facing legal action over delay

Bereaved families say they will take further legal steps over delays to the Iraq inquiry report

Sturgeon sets out 'bold' BBC vision

Nicola Sturgeon calls for the BBC to greatly enhance its presence in Scotland, with a new Scottish TV station and a second English-language radio station

UK migrant targets 'punish business'

Prime Minister David Cameron is "punishing businesses" by trying to fulfil promises to cut immigration, the Institute of Directors says

VIDEO: Health Committee

The Health Committee heard from key figures in NHS England

VIDEO: 'Lords should be mainly elected'

The BBC's Gavin Esler spoke to one MP elevated to the House of Lords, Sir Menzies Campbell, and asked whether the entire system needs reform

VIDEO: Monbiot butchers and eats a squirrel

The writer and environmentalist George Monbiot cooks dead squirrel in the Newsnight studio as he discusses the outraged reaction he got on social media after revealing he had cooked and eaten a "road kill" squirrel

VIDEO: 'English people won't work for £6.50 an hour'

As net migration to the UK reaches an all-time high, the BBC's Danny Savage reports from Hull on the impact of foreign arrivals in the city

VIDEO: Pratchett fans: Final book 'devastating'

Sir Terry Pratchett fans react to the release of the authors final novel, almost six months after his death

VIDEO: 'Labour needs to be courageous'

In the latest BBC News profile of the Labour leadership candidates, Vicky Young went to meet Andy Burnham

VIDEO: Clacton air show crowds 'feel safe'

Clacton air show has gone ahead in Essex - with large crowds enjoying the spectacle, despite the fatal crash at Shoreham air show last weekend

VIDEO: Gatlin agent v Cram & Johnson

Michael Johnson and Steve Cram defend their criticisms of Justin Gatlin following complaints from agent Renaldo Nehemiah

VIDEO: Teacher who hid cameras in walls

A former teacher has been jailed for more than three years, after admitting to 36 counts of taking, making and possessing indecent images of children

Can Iran and the UK really bury the hatchet?

Can Iran and the UK really bury the hatchet?

'These planes deserve to be seen'

How spectators at next major air show feel about safety

Burnham on splits, welfare and Corbyn

The Labour hopeful on splits, Corbyn and that welfare row

How 'MacGyver' became a verb

How did 'MacGyver' become a verb?

The digital game that could cure TB

The digital game that could cure TB

'I lost £400k using betting machines'

The attraction and controversy of fixed-odds betting terminals

Tackling rustlers fleecing sheep farms

Flocks microchipped in bid to solve £6m problem

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