The PRO-TEM Network was established in 2009 in alignment with the need of thermal energy management in the process industries. The main concern is how to improve and optimise the thermal energy efficiency in existing plants as well as the design of the future plants.  The PRO-TEM Network has been trying to create opportunities to enable a close collaboration among members who work at academics, industry organisations, NGOs and the government bodies in the UK and beyond. It is hoped that the Network can contribute to create a low carbon future and a highly efficient use of energy in the process industries.


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The Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network

Building upon the success of the PRO-TEM network, the Sustainable Thermal Energy Management (SusTEM) Network is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to continue the endeavor and widen the scope of the PRO-TEM Network which will include a broader range of industries and research areas. 'Click for details' below will direct you to the website of SusTEM Network.

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NHS consultant paid £375,000 in overtime

Growing pressures are leading UK hospitals to increasingly rely on premium overtime pay to get consultants to do extra work, with one paid £375,000 last year, the BBC finds

Brexit migrant 'spike' warning from MPs

There could be a spike in UK migration ahead of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union and the possible end to free movement rights, MPs warn

Child radicalisation: NSPCC to advise concerned parents

A charity trains its counsellors to help parents who fear their children are being radicalised

Fireman Sam episode pulled amid Koran row

An episode of Fireman Sam is withdrawn after an "error" which led to a depiction of the Koran being shown

Kentish Town restaurant diners struck by unmarked police car

An unmarked police car on an emergency call out crashes into customers sitting outside a restaurant in London, leaving two injured

Owen Smith to make equality pitch to Corbyn supporters

Greater equality must be at the heart of Labour's "mission for Britain", Owen Smith is to say in a direct pitch to supporters of rival Jeremy Corbyn

EDF investors agree 4bn euros Hinkley Point fundraising

Shareholders at French energy giant EDF approve a plan to issue new shares to raise €4bn to help pay for the new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point

Some workers earning less than four years ago, figures show

Workers in England have seen pay rise over the last five years but data reveals parts of the country where wages have declined

More children trespass on railways in summer, parents warned

Children are almost twice as likely to trespass on the railway in summer than winter, says Network Rail, warning parents that school holidays "spell danger"

Bradford woman Samia Shahid's Pakistan death 'was murder'

The husband of a woman who died in Pakistan believes she was killed after being threatened for marrying against her family's wishes

Royal Society head calls for 'underwriting' of research

The president of the Royal Society has called for the UK government to underwrite the research of all UK-based researchers who apply for EU funding now

Councils demand reassurance on universal broadband pledge

Councils urge the government to "reaffirm its commitment" to a minimum broadband speed to stop thousands falling into a "digital twilight zone"

Unmarked police car crashes into London diners

An unmarked police car on an emergency call has crashed into customers sitting outside a restaurant in London

Husband accuses wife's family of 'honour killing'

A woman from Bradford has been the victim of a so-called honour killing, according to her husband.

Postal deliveries: A drone's' eye view

Drones delivering our shopping could become a reality across Britain, says the BBC's Transport correspondent Richard Westcott

Terrified father: 'Rhinos charged at my family's car'

A family from Birmingham was "terrified" when the car they were in got caught between two fighting rhinos

What's the 'social bank of mum and dad'?

For young people from poorer backgrounds trying to get work, it's often a case of who you know more than what you know, according to new research

How to shear a sheep in 44 seconds

A farmer has broken a world record by shearing 731 sheep in nine hours - that's one sheep every 44 seconds

How have Dolly the Sheep's 'siblings' fared?

The prospect of using cloning to treat humans has been boosted by new evidence suggests that it can be used safely in animals

BBC Breakfast

Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day

Newspaper headlines: Priest killing, Bobby Moore plaque and 'coup d'ecat'

There is shock in Wednesday's newspapers at the killing of a priest in France in an apparent terrorist attack

Waste mountain

Every day hundreds of thousands of Britons put their coffee cup into a recycling bin.

Height quiz

Test your knowledge of which nations are the tallest and which have grown the most over the past century

'Ticking clock'

Billie Piper says her latest stage role, about a woman desperate to have a child, feels very relevant because it's an issue being faced by many women she knows

Digital divide

There are strong social divisions in how young people use digital technology at home, according to international research from the OECD

Blame it on the Brexit: But is it just an excuse?

There is no shortage of companies blaming Brexit for their bad news these days - from job losses to price rises - but is this just a handy excuse?

Buy a caravan

The shooting this week at a house in Surrey took place at a house hired out for a pool party. But what is the law surrounding party houses?

Paid to yawn

A Frenchman is suing his former employer for "bore out" - being "killed professionally" through boredom - but is there any such thing?

Flying to you

The UK government's getting together with the retail giant Amazon, to start testing flying drones that can deliver parcels to your door

Corporate clone

Could sticking to the traditional suit at work hamper your career?

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