Musa Al Yaman

PhD student: Supervisor: Dr Patrick Degenaar, Co-supervisor Dr. Alex Bystrov

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bio: I have joined Newcastle University as a PHD student at January 2012, I graduate from the University of Jordan with B.Sc. in Computer Engineering in 2004, and then I got my M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Yarmouk University in 2006. I worked as full time instructor in computer engineering department at university of Jordan for six years.

John Barrett

PhD student: Supervisor Dr. Evelyne Sernagor, Co-supervisor: Dr Patrick Degenaar,

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bio: I am a PhD student jointly supervised by Dr Patrick Degenaar and Dr Evelyne Sernagor from the Institute of Neuroscience. I graduated from Cambridge University with first-class honours in Computer Science in 2009 and recently completed an MRes in Neuroscience at Newcastle University. My main scientific interest is in neuroprosthetics & brain-machine interfaces and my research will focus on testing the optogenetic prosthetic technologies developed by the lab in living retinal tissue. My interdisciplinary background combines experimental neuroscience experience, especially in electrophysiology, with strong programming and mathematical skills.

Hubin Zhao

PhD Student: Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Degenaar, Co-supervisor: Dr. Danil Sokolov

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bio: I am a PhD student in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University, supervised by Dr. Patrick Degenaar and Dr. Danil Sokolov. I previously completed my BEng and MEng in Automation in China, and then I joined Neuroprosthesis Lab as a PhD student at September 2012. My PhD is in microelectronics, with a particular focus in the design of a CMOS-MEMS based microsystem for multiple biomedical applications.

Graeme Coapes

PhD student: Supervisor: Patrick Degenaar, Co-supervisor:Prof. Alex Yakovlev, Dr. Terrence Mak

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bio: I am a PhD student at Newcastle University working in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering under the supervision of Patrick Degenaar and Alex Yakovlev at Newcastle University, and Terrence Mak at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My PhD is in biomedical electronics, with a particular focus in the design of integrated circuits for hybrid bio-silicon applications. My other research interests include embedded system design and programming, inertial sensing technologies and alternative number systems. I previously completed my MEng degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Newcastle University in July 2011, where I won the Sir William Siemens Medal and received the William Benedict Coleman Scholarship. I have previously worked for the NHS and as an Electronics Engineer for GE Oil and Gas in the pipeline inspection tool design team. more

Nabeel Fattah

PhD student: Supervisor: Dr. Patrick Degenaar, Co-supervisors: Dr Graeme Chester, Dr Danil Sokolov

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bio:I am a PhD student at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University.I obtained my BSc in General Physics in 1998 with the first honour and MSc in Nuclear Physics in 2004 from Salahaddin University. I worked as a demonstrator at Physics Department / College of Science for two years, as a president at Computer Department / Soran Technical Institute for four years and as an assistant lecturer in College of Medicine / Hawler Medical University for five years. I also attended a six-month training on Cancer Treatment with the Linear Accelerator at Rizgari Teaching Hospital, Iraq. My area of research is in Biomedical Engineering with interest in Neuroprosthesis.

Austin Juma

PhD student: Supervisor Prof. Alex Yakovlev, Co-supervisor:Dr Patrick Degenaar

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bio: I received a BSc degree in Computer Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya) in 2010. Went on and received a MSc degree in Microelectronics from Newcastle University (UK ). I joined the Microelectronics Systems Design group in September 2013 and currently working toward a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. My research interests include low-power circuit design for biomedical applications and sub-threshold design techniques.

Kaung Oo Htet

PhD student: Supervisor Dr Patrick Degenaar, Co-supervisor:

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bio: I graduated in BEng (Hons)Electronic Engineering from the University of Birmingham in June 2012. I recently joined the Neurprosthesis group at Newcastle University for a PhD program, researching on power systems design which requires micro scale DC to DC conversion and intelligent power monitoring for neural prostheses devices to treat a range of neurological disorders.




Lijuan Xia

PhD student: Supervisor Dr Patrick Degenaar

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bio: I received my bachelor degree with distinction in Nanjing Forestry University in 2013. During my undergraduate study, I recieved the first national scholarship award —the highest award for Chinese undergraduates in our engineering college. I then undertook an MSc degree in wireless embedded system at Newcastle University in 2014. I joined the Neurprosthesis group in september 2014 as a phd member under the supervision of Patrick Degenaar.