Archival Resources

The North East is home to an extensive range of resources for the study of historic and contemporary, military and security issues. These webpages provide an introductory guide to some of the fantastic sources available in Newcastle and the surrounding regions, and links to subject guides providing more detailed lists of locally available archives. Only basic contact information for the sites is listed here; please refer to their websites for more detailed information. These pages are not intended to be exhaustive, and we welcome suggestions of other local resources. Please email:

This survey concentrates on the regions of Tyneside, Wearside, North and South Northumberland. The historic border region of Berwick and Roxburgh are included here as ‘North East’, but for Scottish resources please refer to the UK resources section.

MWSRG Subject Guides

The Military, War and Security Research Group has produced several short guides for those wishing to undertake archival research in the North-East area.

Each guide provides a small number of examples to demonstrate the broad range of materials available in local archives.

Suggestions for guides, or improvements to them, are welcomed. Please contact:

Subject Guide I: A Brief Introductory Bibliography to North East History (PDF 263KB)

Subject Guide II: The Armed Forces in the North East (PDF 262KB)

Subject Guide III: Politics and Political Movements (PDF 409KB)

Subject Guide IV: Crime, Policing and Domestic Security (including Civil Defence and Strikes) (PDF 212KB)

Subject Guide V: Heavy Industry: Weapons, Mining, Steel, Munitions, Ship and Aircraft Building (PDF 353KB)