November 2017. Welcome to Selim Ungut and Leonidas Bekris who joned the group as PhD students, being supervised by Wenting and Vangelis.

1/08/2017- Congratulations to Dr Evangelos Papaioannou and Dr Wenting Hu on commencing their new roles as Lecturers in the School of Engineering.  Good luck with all your new responsibilities, and keep in touch with the Group!

10/04/2017- Welcome to Dr Kalliopi Kousi and Dr Dragos Neagu who both started working in our Group.

3/04/2017- Dr Georgios Triantafyllou from St. Andrews University started working in our group. Welcome!

9/01/2017- Welcome to Dr Richard Court who joined our group as research programme manager for the SynFabFun project.

19/12/2016- Our best wishes to Dr Bee Min Goh who left our group for Singapore!

7/9/2016- Congratulations! Evangelos's paper has been accepted in ACS Catalysis. ' Evangelos I. Papaioannou, Christoph Bachmann, Jonas J. Neumeier, Daniel Frankel, Herbert Over, Juergen Janek, Ian S. Metcalfe, 'Role of the Three-Phase Boundary of the Platinum–Support Interface in Catalysis: A Model Catalyst Kinetic Study', ACS Catalysis 6 (2016) 5865-5872. (open access)

1/10/2015- Welcome to Maria Kazakli, Stephen Johnston, Chris De Leeuwe, Chenyang Tang and Liam Mcneil who joined our group as Ph.D students! 

15/09/2015- Dr Bee Min Goh joined our group as research programme manager. Welcome!

20/04/2015- Dr Ana Gouveia Gil from Imperial College London started working in our group. Welcome!

27/03/2015- Our best wishes for Dr Ana Cristina Dueso Villalba who left our group to return to Spain!

24/03/2015-Dr Guangru Zhang's paper entitled 'Selective, high-temperature permeation of nitrogen oxides using a supported molten salt membrane' in Energy & Environmental Science was highlighted on the outside back cover. (Details click here)

 energy_environmental_science_back cover

19/03/2015-Congratulations to Ian Metcalfe for being awarded a £4.6 million 5 year project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The project SynFabFun (‘From membrane material synthesis to fabrication and function’) – led by Newcastle University and involving experts from the Universities of Bath, Imperial, Edinburgh and Manchester is to develop the next generation of long lasting ‘immortal’ membranes. (Details click here)

05/03/2015-Congratulations! Mr Hang Qi and Dr Evangelos Papaioannou's paper entitled '‘Uphill’ permeation of carbon dioxide across a composite molten salt-ceramic membrane' has been accepted by Journa of Membrane Science.  (Details click here)

up hill


26/01/2015-Congratulations! Dr Guangru Zhang's paper entitled 'Selective, high-temperature permeation of nitrogen oxides using a supported molten salt membrane' has been accepted by Energy & Environmental Science (IF:20.523). 

Broader context:
NOx treatment is an important environmental technology. Such treatment relies upon robust NOx sensors. However, most sensors suffer from a lack of selectivity when operating in oxygen-containing atmospheres. Here we demonstrate a membrane that is selective for NOx permeation. Such a membrane could be used to improve NOx sensing devices or even develop new approaches to NOx treatment.

12/01/2015- Very welcome Dr Francisco Garcia Garcia who is going to work in our group!

22/12/2014-Dr Wei Chen from the Netherland started working in our group. Welcome!

30/10/2014 - We would like to congratulate Sureena Abdullah who defended his thesis sucessfully about the production of hydrogen via water gas shift reaction using a perovskite membrane reactor. Our best wishes for your future career as a lecturer in Malaysia.

01/07/2014 - Dr Brian Ray from USA started working in our group. Welcome!

02/06/2014 - Yousef Alqaheem won the third price in the annual Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials Postgraduate Conference for his presentation on 'Stability of LSCF6428 membrane for oxygen separation under the presence of hydrogen sulphide'. Congratulations!

15/04/2014 - We welcome Alexander Behringer who is going to work in our group for four months in spillover processes and catalysis.

10/04/2014 - Congratulations Callum Campbell for your PhD!!

13/12/2013 - Our best wishes for Dr Anne Huber who left our group to return to Germany.

01/10/2013 - Three new PhD students have started working for our group. Welcome Danny, Paul and Nisa!

10/09/2013- Dr Guangru Zhang from Nanjing University of Technology (China) has joined the group to work with ceramic membranes.

25/04/2013 - Naimah's paper entitled 'The role of sodium surface species on electrochemical promotion of catalysis in a Pt/YSZ system:The case of ethylene oxidation' has been published in Journal of Catalysis. You can find it here.

01/04/2013 - We would like to welcome Dr Anne Huber who joined the group to work as PDRA.

28/02/2013 - We wish the best to Alan Thursfield who left the group after so many years of good work.

30/11/2012 - Danai Poulidi has left our group to start a new job as lecturer at Queen's University Belfast. We wish you good luck in your future career. We will miss you!

23/11/2012 - Claire´s poster "Auto-thermal Hydrogen Production via Chemical Looping of Iron Oxide" won the first prize at the Energy Excellence Research Poster competition within the workshop "UK Energy Strategy: Showcasing capability of the North East to deliver". Good work!

19/07/2012 - Congratulations to Ian Metcalfe for becoming a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering! This is in recognition of his contribution in the fields of catalysis and membrane science over the past 25 years.