National Institute for Health: Health Services and Delivery Research

Thomson RG, Lancsar E, Flynn D, Ternent L, Rodgers H, Price C, Ford GA.  Understanding clinicians’ decisions to offer intravenous thrombolytic treatment to patients with acute ischaemic stroke: a discrete choice experiment.  National Institute for Health Research: Health Services and Delivery Research Programme, £241,345 (Project:12/5001/45), 1st April 2013- 31st March 2015.


National Institute for Health: Applied Research

Ford G, Price C, White P, McMeekin P, Vale L, Exley C, Flynn D, Snooks H, Russell I, Tyrrell P, Fell P, Dodd P. Promoting Effective And Rapid Stroke Care (PEARS). NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research (RP-PG-1211-20012) Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals, Northumbria Healthcare, North East Ambulance Service and Newcastle University: £1,938,941. April 2014 – March 2019


Diabetes UK

Strategic research initiative – very low calorie diets (01/2013-12/2018). MEJ Lean, R Taylor, I  Ford, N Sattar, A Briggs, K Hollingsworth, A Adamson, FF Sniehotta, L McCombie, N Brosnahan, H Ross & JC Mathers.
£2.5 million.


National Institute of Health Research

Community pharmacy interventions for public health priorities: a systematic review of community pharmacy delivered smoking, alcohol and weight management interventions (10/2013-03/2015). C Summerbell, A Todd, A Husband, FF Sniehotta, J Ling, C Bambra, E Ratschen, C Anderson (£279,463).


NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research

Improving the diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative dementia of Lewy body type in the NHS (DIAMOND-Lewy) (1/10/13 for 60 months). John O'Brien, David Burn, Alan Thomas, Claire Bamford, Ian McKeith, John-Paul Taylor, Louise Allan, Peter James, Mark Deverill, Tracy Finch (joint qualitative lead), James Mason, Tim Docking, Derek Forster. . £1,917,058. . Ref No: DTC-RP-PG-0311-12001.



RATULS: Robot Assisted Training for the Upper Limb after Stroke (01/2014 - 07/2018). Rodgers H, Aird L, Darawil K, Dawson J, Eyre J, Finch T, Ford G, Hogg S, Howel D, Hughes N, Krebs H, Price C, Rochester L, Shaw L, Turner D, Ternent L, Vale L, Warburton E, Wilkes S.  £3,094,000


National Institute of Health Research: Health Technology Assessment

Reducing alcohol consumption in obese men: Development and feasibility testing of a complex community based intervention. I Crombie, M Irvine, FF Sniehotta, J Norrie, B Williams, S McMahon, P Rice, S Peter, C Jones, A Briggs & A Melson.


Medical Research Council led UK Clinical Research Collaboration

Fuse, the Centre for Translational Reseach in Public Health (renewal) (09/2013 – 08/2019). White, Hunter, Adamson, Bambra, Batterham, Carr, Cattan, Crosland, Kaner, Rubin, Rushmer, Shucksmith,  Sniehotta, Summerbell, Vale. £3,407,805.


Medical Research Council / Arthritis Research UK CIMA (Centre for integrated research into musculoskeletal ageing)

A systematic review of the effect of lifestyle interventions on musculoskeletal function in older adults: which behaviour change techniques are most effective? (11/2013-10/2014). N Hobbs, FF Sniehotta, D Cuthbertson & JC Mathers. £28,662.64.


National Institute of Health Research

Reducing binge drinking among disadvantaged men through a brief intervention delivered by mobile phone: A multi-centre randomised controlled trial (07/2013-02/2016). I Crombie, J Evans, G Humphris, M Irvine, C Jones, J Norrie, P Rice, I Ricketts, FF Sniehotta, B Williams, £787,917.


NIHR School of Public Health Research

Inequitable access to preventive and therapeutic health interventions for older people and the consequences of intervention-generated inequalities (IGIs).  (2013-2017). Co-applicant with M White, Y Ben-Shlomo, N Payne, S Salway, K Walters, L Lafortune, & S Buckner. £1,133,880.


NIHR School of Public Health Research

Transforming the ‘foodscape’: development and feasibility testing of interventions to promote healthier take-away, pub or restaurant food.  (2013-2016). Co-applicant with AJ Adamson, C Abraham, V Araujo-Soares, A Lake, H Moore, C Summerbell & M White. £446,646.


Department of Health, Public Health Research Consortium

Phase 2 research to support the evaluation and implementation of adult cooking skills interventions in the UK: pilot RCT with process and economic evaluation components.  (2013-2015) Co-applicant with M White, AJ Adamson, M Stead, L Vale, D Stocken, N Hobbs, H Brown & J Halligan. £355,849.


Medical Research Council

MRC Development of interventions to enhance health and wellbeing in later life ‘The LIVEWELL programme’ (Livelong Health and Well-Being Initiative; 2009-2014);  JC Mathers, T Meyer, P Moynihan, L Rochester, FF Sniehotta, M White; £2.096,529.


National Prevention Research Initiative led by the Medical Research Council

Development and stage 2 RCT with internal pilot of a weight loss maintenance intervention for obese adults after clinically significant weight loss (09/2012-08/2015); FF Sniehotta; M White, A Adamson, V Araujo-Soares, E McColl, L Vale, P Olivier, P Wright, A Batterham, H Brown; £565,848 (68% FEC).


Medical Research Council UK / Arthritis Research UK

Centre for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal  Ageing (CIMA) (2012-2017) (PIs M Jackson, E McCloskey, T Cawston; FF Sniehotta collaborator) £550.000.


Diabetes UK

Overcoming Barriers to High Quality Care in Diabetes through Professional Behaviour Change Eccles, Presseau, Hawthorne, Sniehotta, Hunter, Steen, Deverill, Kaner, Francis, Johnston, Elovainio, Grimshaw (2012-2015). £381,506.


National Institute of Health Research: Health Technology Assessment

BIBS: Benefits of Incentives for Breastfeeding and Smoking cessation. A platform study for a trial (09/2011- 10/2013). P Hoddinott, A Ludbrook, M Campbell, L Bauld, FF Sniehotta, F Dykes, D Tappin, £321,862.


National Institute of Health Research: Health Technology Assessment

Parental incentives and quasi-mandatory schemes for increasing uptake of immunisations in pre-school children (09/2012 - /07/2014). J Adams, B Bateman, B Gardner Sood, S Michie, J Shucksmith, FF Sniehotta, T Cresswell, L Ternant, £275,419.


National Institute of Health Research

NIHR Research Design Service North East (10/2013 – 09/2018). L Vale, J Mason, E McColl, H Close, C Exley, H Hancock, FF Sniehotta, D Wilson, D Howel, A Robinson, S Rosbson, APS Hungin, £5,011,816.


National Institute of Health Research

‘Financial incentives for health promoting behaviours - Career development fellowship for Jean Adams’ (01/2012 – 12/2015) J Adams S McIntyre FF Sniehotta, £445,474.00.


National Institute of Health Research

Member of the National School for Public Health Research (SoPHR) in England, M White, A Adamson, C Bambra, D Hunter, E Kaner, J Shucksmith, F Sniehotta, C Summerbell. £ 2.150.000.


Scottish Government: Chief Scientist Office

Changes in Physical Activity levels in a representative sample of older people: A 2 year follow up study (CZG/2/569); MET McMurdo; FF Sniehotta; P Donnan; M Wittingham (2012-2013); £50.000


Scottish Government: Chief Scientist Office

Development of Interventions to Increase Physical Activity Among Inactive Young People with Long-term Conditions: MRC Complex Intervention Framework Phase I Study using Asthma as an Exemplar. B Williams, A Sheikh, FF Sniehotta, L Cameron, S Treweek, G Hoskins, P Donnelly, J McGhee, G Brown (09/ 2011 – 12/2013). £.225.000.


Scottish Government: Chief Scientist Office

Developing an intervention to increase exercise in schizophrenia (10/2012-09/2015) (DTF/12). L McNamee, S Lawrie, G Mead, FF Sniehotta, B Williams. £100,737


Stroke Association

‘Develop and test of a behavioural change intervention to increase walking after stroke’ (07/2010-07/2013) G Mead, C Graig, M Dennis, F van Wijck, M Johnston, D Johnston, FF Sniehotta, M Donaghy, MET McMurdo;  £105K


County Durham Sport

‘Movement as Medicine: For your heart’ (01/2011 – 10/2013). M Trenell, FF Sniehotta, R Taylor; £447.897.


Google Foundation

 Identifying and presenting trust-related features in health-directed search results for older Users (03/2012-022014). V Hanson, I Ricketts, J Wyatt, FF Sniehotta, W Moncur, L Gibson. £54,798.


Thomson, R.G., Lancsar, E., Ternent, L., Flynn, D., Rodgers, H., Price, C., Ford, G.A. Understanding clinicians’ decisions to offer intravenous thrombolytic treatment to patients with acute ischaemic stroke: a discrete choice experiment. National Institute for Health Research, Health Services and Delivery Research Programme, £241,345.14, (Project:12/5001/45), (04/2013- 03/2015).

 Flynn D, Thomson RG. Developing interventions to support shared decision making in mental healthcare for working age adults with depression. NIHR Research Capability Funding: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and NHS North of Tyne, £51,000, Oct 1st 2012-Sep 30th 2013.

Thomson RG, Flynn D, Ford GA. Implementing a Computerised Decision Aid for Stroke Thrombolysis (COMPASS) in Acute Stroke Care. North of England Cardiovascular Network, £7,500, (02/2013-06/2013).

Flynn D. Development of educational DVD: Shared Decision Making and Mental Health. Faculty of Medical Sciences: Seed corn funding for PPE, Newcastle University, (2012-2013), £2,000