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Newcastle University Press Office: “Students take on global research issues”

Covering projects by Ruby Scott, Jia Yee Ho, Natasha Fothergill Misbah, Holly Ann Carl, Alexandra McKee, Rebecca Leitch & Diana Luke:

The Chronicle: “Newcastle University students risk yellow warning to complete Chile volcano expedition”

Tony Henderson covers Alex McKee, Diana Luke & Rebecca Leitch’s expedition “Study of fluvial and environmental processes affected by the 2015 Calbuco volcano eruption, Chile”:



Newcastle University Press Office: “Showcasing student-led research projects”

Covering projects by Rebecca MacDermid, Abbi Bennett, Katie Smith, Elliot Atkins and Abigail Lowe:

The Chronicle: “Newcastle University student uncovers story of Tyneside IRA”

Tony Henderson covers Rebecca MacDermid’s project “A Commemorative project: the Decade of Centenaries and The Irish Diaspora in Tyneside”:



The Chronicle: “Newcastle students table plans to tackle housing crisis in the North East”

Tony Henderson covers Elizabeth Johnston’s project “Community-led housing: exploring the evidence and raising awareness of pioneer projects in the North East”:



The Journal: “North East student's Mexico pastie hunt”

Tony Henderson covers Esther Pink’s expedition “Examining the role of women and the legacy of the Cornish mining community in Pachuca, Mexico”:

Caitlin Halfacre: Investigating social class perceptions of regional accents
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Henry Bradshaw: Looking to the past not the future? An analysis of the use of history during the EU referendum campaign.
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Philippa Goode: The PHANTOM Project
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Samantha Goodrick: Validating illustrations in a new writing therapy resource for use with adults with aphasia
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