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Welcome to the Durham and Darlington Electronic Health Record Demonstrator Project website

The Durham EHR was one of four pan-community Demonstrator projects which was part of the English Electronic Record Development and Implementation Programme (ERDIP) commissioned by the NHS Information Authority (NHSIA) at the turn of the century. The NHS Information Authority, ERDIP programme, Pan-Community Demonstrator, DuDEHRProject was carried out during the period 2001–2002, led by the Durham and Darlington Strategic Health Authority in collaboration with the University of Newcastle and the healthcare software supplier Eclipsys (now part of iSOFT).

The momentum for these initiatives was established by Information for Health (1998), which was published by the NHS as a framework for the development of information services for the NHS. The aim of the programme was to promote in-service development and demonstration of best practice and progress towards shared electronic health records ‘... informing the development of policy and the national implementation programme, and most importantly, helping the wider NHS in its local implementation of electronic records’.

The guiding principle of the Durham and Darlington EHR (DDEHR) project was that the EHR must be informed by the wide practical realities of health and care processes, and the implications of record sharing. Thus it was not solely concerned with specific technological possibilities. The project employed a range of methods, from enterprise architectural modelling to ethnography, including strong clinical informatics input, to create an understanding of the potential implications of a widespread shared electronic records deployment. These supported the construction of a range of products to elicit user opinion pre-implementation, rather than post-implementation, and so potentially inform the detailed design and deployment of the then mooted national/regional EHR programme which subsequent has become the National Programme for IT under NHS Connecting for Health.

The team that was involved in the Demonstrator project included Sarah Bell, Nick
Booth, Steve Smith, Andrew Izon, Andrew Thompson, K.Neil Jenkings, Judy Kohannajad, Jasmin Latiff, Mike Martin, Paul Morgan and the IT team at SCHIN research centre, then part of Newcastle University.

Project Development

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