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Corpus structure

The DECTE corpus is an XML document that conforms to the P5 version of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines. This part of the website describes its structure; familiarity with XML and TEI is assumed throughout. Reference to 'Guidelines' in what follows are to the online TEI P5 Guidelines, and, unless otherwise indicated, quotations are from specified sections of them.

To be TEI-conformant, an XML document has to be validated relative to a schema that is consistent with the published TEI Guidelines (Guidelines 23.3.2), which implies that only the TEI-defined XML tag set and tag syntax are used in the document. DECTE uses the XML Document Type Definition (DTD) schema language and has been validated using the oXygen XML editor

The file decte.xml is the main DECTE file. It specifies the structure of the corpus, and has three components: