We are pleased to invite you for drinks and nibbles at our Finale Celebration event on Tuesday 23rd January at the Great North Museum: Hancock from 5:30pm. The team will present a few short talks highlighting the ASTEROID project’s life from start to finish and what has been achieved along the way.


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The fun 3D eye test‌ - Accurate STEReotest On a mobIle Device

If a game could detect a potential vision disorder, wouldn’t you have a go? ASTEROID is a new game for children to test how well they can see depth by using a 3D tablet computer.

Every year half a million children are diagnosed or treated for binocular vision disorders such as Amblyopia (lazy eye) or Strabismus (squint). Clinicians use special eye tests called "stereotests" to measure how well the two eyes work together. Current clinical stereotests haven't changed in decades and don't always give accurate results.


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ASTEROID is a new type of stereotest in the form of a game

Our goals:

  • create a fun game playable on special 3D tablet computers - no need for glasses
  • collect crucial information during play that can detect vision disorders and monitor progress of treatment
  • help to make better clinical decisions