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Take part in the quiz here:


Take part in our quiz for an opportunity to win:

  1. Winner: £50 Amazon voucher
  2. 2 x Runners up: £20 Amazon voucher each

Our quiz is running for 6 weeks. A new set of questions for you to answer will be available every 2 weeks, you must enter every question round to be in the draw for winning one of our prizes after the full duration of the quiz (i.e. at the end of the 6 week period).

Answer the questions via the link above correctly and stay tuned - in two weeks' time there will be the next set of questions! All of the answers to the questions can be found on the ASTEROID website or Social Media pages - so check them out for reference. 

The next part of the quiz will come in the next 2 weeks - so make sure you answer the questions below in time otherwise it will not be counted. Good luck! :)

Any questions - contact us

The fun 3D eye test‌ - Accurate STEReotest On a mobIle Device

If a game could detect a potential vision disorder, wouldn’t you have a go? ASTEROID is a new game for children to test how well they can see depth by using a 3D tablet computer.

Every year half a million children are diagnosed or treated for binocular vision disorders such as Amblyopia (lazy eye) or Strabismus (squint). Clinicians use special eye tests called "stereotests" to measure how well the two eyes work together. Current clinical stereotests haven't changed in decades and don't always give accurate results.


ASTEROID is a new type of stereotest in the form of a game

Our goals:

  • create a fun game playable on special 3D tablet computers - no need for glasses
  • collect crucial information during play that can detect vision disorders and monitor progress of treatment
  • help to make better clinical decisions